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Copenhagen , Denmark
Preferred genres

Tribal TechnoRaw TechnoExperimentalHypnotic Techno

Played at

Storgata 26 (Oslo, Norway)Indigo & Ingensteds (Oslo, Norway)Ostara (Oslo, Norway) Module ( Copenhagen, Denmark)Hangaren ( Copenhagen , Denmark)Culture Box (Copenhagen, Denmark)Plan B ( Malm枚, Sweden)



Labels and crews

Miao Music

Preffered performance time

+/-60 - 240 min

Deril, a DJ and producer rooted in Copenhagen, with roots in street culture and old school Hip Hop he delivers a distinctive electronic music style. From raw hypnotic techno to irresistible groovy beats, his journey began in Oslo and recently brought him to Copenhagen, where he co-founded the Miao Music platform alongside Kate. Deril, a visionary, sees music as a universal language, fostering unity among individuals from all walks of life.