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Oslo, Norway
Preferred genres

Dub TechnoDeep TechnoHardgrooveHypnotic TechnoRaw Techno

Played at

Esperanto, OsloStorgata 26, OsloSALT Art & Music, OsloOld Fornebu Airport, OsloDattera til Hagen, OsloRockefeller OsloIndigo, OsloThe Villa, OsloOstara, OsloOtoto, Oslo



Preffered performance time

+/-90 - 360 min

Michael delves into the realm of raw, deep, hypnotic, ambient, jungle and dub techno. His journey as a DJ began in local clubs and intimate gatherings. He's genuinely focused on the artistry and the opportunity to share his love for techno with others. He values the connections he makes with his audience and to curate unique sonic experiences, that captivates listeners from start to finish. His sets, characterized by hypnotic grooves and entrancing melodies, have a way of transcending sub-genres, and unifying people through music.